What I did learn from leading extremely busy life?

Time is money, or so the saying goes. People seem more and more in rush, productivity tips are flooding Facebook, Google+ and other social media’s timelines and it is expected that one will be constantly increasing amount of things that can be done. It does take time to achieve something, but you cannot work 24/7. And even though you’re getting enough sleep and manage to eat healthy food, the mere fact of constantly being in a big rush may be sometimes overwhelming. It’s been almost a year since I started blogging, and halfway through I became so engulfed in the daily events I couldn’t find a moment to write something – the activity I took pleasure in before. These last months were the busiest time in my life and I wanted to share what I learned from it.

Learning how to fail

I’ve been up to many things during this time – I organized a social project, did some traveling and preparation for the final exams which are looming at the end of this school year. It cost a lot of time and energy to do many things at the same time, but it is also the way you learn, that’s why I believe it was totally worth it. The most important thing I realized this year was the fact you can’t win all the time. You are bound to fail many times in the process. The ability to accept failure, learn from it and move on is something that I’ve always had problems with. But somehow, by having more things coming on distracts your mind from dwelling on mistakes you made. Also, I get to the conclusion that were it not for all the things that didn’t work out I wouldn’t achieve things that so did. Even though I got disillusioned so many times, I still believe in the beautiful American dream myth and work towards it.

Put some limits on working

The time management is another issue. The skill that I still need to learn as I am very often left with long to-do list and in the situation that it is impossible to complete everything. There was time when I often found myself at 2 am still studying. Gradually, I started the habit of prioritizing and skipping stuff for it was never possible to do everything. I learned the hard way that there is either quality or quantity and sought the first one. I also gave up on trying to be perfect, which was probably the hardest. I will never excel at everything and there’s no need to.

Know your goal

The question that probably annoys me the most is “why do you do all these things when you don’t have to?”. Because I want to make a difference, I want to make my surroundings a little bit better. That’s why I do volunteer, why I do engage in societal initiatives. I could probably only do the schoolwork and would have plenty of time for myself and for my friends. But instead of it, I chose to find myself much more to do – but due to that I had opportunity to get to know amazing people from different countries. I believe there is nothing more enriching than meeting new people and sharing ideas. I’ve been amazed at all the achievement a lot of them accomplished – that was my motivation to engage in many events myself. My friends also played a huge role – I wouldn’t have done anything without their huge support. One can never overestimate the importance of friendly souls around them.

The busy life is not necessarily a bad thing. It is indeed really demanding, but also rewarding. If you push yourself to the limits – you are becoming better version of yourself. That is the goal I want to aim at.  I’ve been humbled by the support of so many people and lucky to be given opportunities that helped me to be in the place I am now.