Gaza’s conflict – let’s watch it together

Right now you are probably in front of a screen, sipping your favorite tea, wearing clothes that were made in China and thinking about the dinner you will eat later on. You more or less have anything you need to live. Yet you still complain. You’ve got your reasons – high unemployment rate, galloping inflation or these annoying neighbours who play that goddamn guitar every evening. And when we peacefully coexist in a society where the most important event is the final match of World Cup, somewhere else, in the Gaza Region, people are mercifully killed. The rest of the world just watch it with indifferent faces, acknowledging just one of the today’s news.

The conflict between Arabs and Jews on the territory of Israel has its roots in the aftermath of Second World War, when in 1948 Israel has been created as an independent country. Since that time, Palestinians and Israeli deem that territory as theirs and thus there are constant problems, especially in Jerusalem – the city which no body wants to give up on. Both sides have their reasons and both have lived there for quite a long time. In many cases, they were able to inhabit the same villages without killing each other, some even walk up the aise with ‘the enemy’. But as the land is divided into two different communities, having two different languages, Hewbrew and Arabic, and people want to achieve their goals by military actions, it is very unlikely that they will gain anything more than another casualties. Families separated, maybe never to be reunited again. Is this right to do such things in the name of territory and religious beliefs?

The bombing on the border of Gaza City started about two weeks ago. More than three hundred people passed away, mostly civilians. But show must go on. Citizens of Gaza City still work five days a week and send their children to schools. Once in a while there is a signal to run to the shelters, when the bombers are approaching. Some have to just lay on the ground, no matter where they currently are. In shelters, there are women with only few nails coloured or in the process of getting their new haircut, because the attack surprised them at the manicurist or hairdresser. Can you imagine living with fear that any moment a bomb can be dropped right where you stand? It is no surprise than so many need tranquillizers or sedatives.

What is even less surprising is a fact that amidst the body fighting, tanks and general chaos, people flee their homes, almost bare handed. More than 50,000 have already fled and this number will probably rise even more. Even the famous writer, Sayed Kashua, who has been writing about the Israelis and Palestinian stories for more than 25 years announced he is leaving his beloved Jerusalem for the United States, place where he and his family will be safe. At some point, the safety becomes more important than the love of your homeland.


Yesterday, there was a protest in London during which thousands of protestes demanding a ceasefire and freedom for Palestinians. But most of us just sit and watch how the situation changes every few hours. There’s no bomb to blow up all your possessions and no gunmen to take away your life. Respect it and do everything not to lose that luxury.


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