Fast food culture – calories that make you happy

   Who have never been to the McDonald’s in his or her life? Or never ate in that hot-dog stand nearby? I suppose hardly anyone. Modern lifestyle revolving around tasks and deadlines, makes us more impatient, caring more about the speed than about quality. It can be applied not only to food, but also to the work done or services. But is this the only reason why we spend so much time and money in such restaurants?

   Junk food overflows the world. We don’t want (or we cannot afford) to eat in fancy restaurants where you have to spend quite a sum on a dinner which will be probably too small for your liking. Let alone time required to prepare that boeuf stroganoff you ordered. We want our food to be quick, cheap and in large size. The fact that it is harmful for our health, containing a lot of calories and saturated fats is only a minor drawback. If you only have twenty minutes to eat something in between two meetings with clients who ensure your safe place at work, you won’t be worried about how healthy your diet is. But as you think of it, fast foods are not stuffed with businessmen and women. It is full of teenagers. image  
  Let’s not forget that the main reason we eat out is to socialise. Young people crowd in Mc Donald’s after school or during holidays as there is not many places to go, especially if you don’t live in a big city. Besides, since early childhood we were taken for a cheeseburger and cola by our parents as a reward for being polite or doing some houseworks. This way, we always see junk food as something special and when we can go there by our own, we do it a lot. Sometimes I see mothers with children as young as four or five years, ordering Happy Meals with a nice toy. That’s just another reason why we like to eat junk food that much – we associate it with that careless times when we had so much fun playing and spending time with our parents.   

The popularity of fast food restaurants, which is part and parcel of our globalized world, makes local food industry disappear. Some countries defend themselves against this phenomenon, as France does, but of little avail. Even in Israel the burger industry is big, swerving the kosher meat – as the religious tradition requires. There’s no way of stopping it. Fast food culture is something we associate with modern world as much as social media, smartphones and watching TV every evening.

   As a result, the percentage of obese people with health problems is constantly growing. Those whose habit is to drop by and leave with a paper bag full of salt, sugar, fats and calories are susceptible to future weight problems, heart attacks, high blood pressure and many more. But healthy food is not necessarily expensive, although in some cases  may be, but it surely requires time and effort. But for the good physique and general condition it is worth it. Cook something by yourself on a regular basis and enjoy some burger now and then. All within reason and you will be in good shape for a long time.   


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