America’s dream of Independence

Today is the Fourth of July. Two hundred and thirty eight years ago United States ceased to be only a British colony, becoming an independent country. Back in XVIth century, considered a land of wilderness and new opportunities, a land where the Pilgrim Fathers hoped to find their own place, free from England’s ‘ungodliness’. Today, America is probably the most important and most powerful country in the world, having the newest technology, the most popular ( and controversial at the same time) stars and celebrities and being one of the richest countries in the world.

American culture may be experienced everywhere – we, Europeans are as much influenced by United States as United States are influenced by us. It is not only about the endless fast food chains that overflow all countris of the Old World. It is much more than that. We would miss a lot, had the country not been born. It gave birth to so many influential figures, ideas and inventions. Maybe we wouldn’t argue about whether modern art is rubbish or not if Andy Warhol hadn’t  shocked the whole art world saying that anything is art, presenting soup cans as his new work of art. And how different the way we create films could be if we hadn’t our beloved Hollywood. No Citizen Kane, no Casablanca, no Marilyn Monroe. And some of the most thought-provoking books as Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Walt Whitman’s groundbreaking poem Leaves of Grass, which changed the way people look at poetry to this day. During more than two hundred days Americans created their very own identity. image

The American's Old Glory. Source:

The culture is an important part of the nation, but not the only one. Let’s not forget how many inventions we have now due to American people. In today’s world almost everybody owns a car – we can mostly owe this to the Henry Ford’s dream that every worker can afford an automobile. Samuel Colt’s made the mass production of revolvers and pistols possible, making rich himself and the generations after (whether it brought good or not, I cannot answer, but it was certainly pivotal point for world’s history). Also, you probably wouldn’t be reading this now if Americans didn’t came up with the idea of connecting the computers by a network, called now Interbet. Sounds banal? Well, it has not always been that way.

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think about United States is the beautiful concept of ‘American Dream’ and ‘rags to riches’. No matter how unrealistic your aims are, through hard work, motivation and belief you can do everything. You are your own key to success and you can, and even are expected to, strive to be better version of yourself. Just follow your dream and get it.    But America’s not the paradise on earth, even if it may appear so. It also have social problems, political wars, famous stupid laws and social stratification as the gap between the rich and the poor is enormous. But they are, without a shadow of doubt, a brave nation who value freedom and justice very much. So, happy independence day, my dear Americans!


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