Do the big world and normal people really go together?

People spend great deal of time scrolling down the BBC or PBS , reading newspapers or glued to the screen during evening news. The certainly want to know what’s going on – not only locally, but also globally. But I observe that we acknowledge the facts, complain about politicians – who they previously elected – and stop caring about it.  We do not even question the accuracy of all the information that filter through different parts of the world to us – and it is not uncommon to watch the same fact presented in different stations in a completely different way.  Where you stand depends on where you sit, as the saying goes.  We don’t want to meddle in political life – we may argue with our  fathers-in-law about who should win in the next elections, but let’s be honest – how many of us really do a research which politician did most for improving our lives or passed the bills that we deem right?

We’ve got to understand that our current situation is unstable – we’ve got military conflicts, high unemployment rate  and big corporations exploiting their workers. There is also an issue of safety – in 2011 in more than 30,000 people died from  gunfire, and recently more than two hundred schoolgirls were kidnapped from schools in Nigeria. Moreover, we are constantly being watched – we aren’t really anonymous while surfing the net.

But what an ordinary citizen of this planet can do? Our only duty to question everything that we are told and think about it. Too many people walk away from problems that don’t affect them directly. Let’s not let the infocalypse flood us and ensure that we will never live in year 1984.


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